TOMS – A Gift of Shoes

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In July 2011, the Robert and Claire Foundation facilitated a partnership agreement with Toms Shoes in California, USA and Sesego Cares, charitable organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa to distribute tens of thousands of newly manufactured shoes to school children in the four provinces in South Africa as well as 4,000 pairs of shoes to the neighboring independent state of Lesotho.

Our California team was headed by Tracy Louis-Marie of Toms Shoes, while our South African Team was headed by Annemarie Mostert and Judith Chinkumbi of Sesego Cares, UTI and embraced by a number of volunteer organizations.

This is an on-going sustainable project therefore the exact number cannot be defined at this time. The dedicated and effort by the many volunteers, and the supporting volunteer organizations, will impact many hundreds of thousands in need and has brought joy and goodwill to South Africa 12,000 miles away.

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